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Project Description
The MSF Analysis Tool parses MSF Process Guidance XML source documents into a SQL Server database, allowing you to examine the structure of any process guidance based on the MSF template.

The MSF Process Guidance does a good job of supplying role-based walks through the process. In other words, you can click the Role tab, select a Role, and then see the Workstreams and Activities related to that role. This a handy, context sensitive way to provide guidance on an as-needed basis.

But what if you want to zoom out and see the overall structure of the process - to get a deeper understanding of it? That's not really possible with the process guidance in its current format. Surfing through the MSF Process Guidance is like walking through a dense forest - you see individual trees really well but you can't see how the forest is laid out. I needed to fly over the forest - to see how the MSF workstreams and activities interrelate.

So, I took it upon myself to reverse engineer the MSF Process Guidance into a database format that can be easy queried. I wrote an application called the MSF Analysis Tool that parses the XML source documents used to generate the MSF Process Guidance documentation, and then loads the MSF process-related information into a SQL Server database. From there you can run queries that reveal the internal structure of MSF.

I invite you to join this workspace, use the MSF Analysis Tool to explore the structure of MSF, and extend the tools in ways that are most useful to you. If you do modify the tool, please share your enhancements with the other workspace members. Thanks!

Martin Danner
Arrowrock Corporation
Boise, Idaho

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